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What is Biopark?

Biopark is the first private technological park in Brazil on demand side destined to the scientific and technological development in the field of biosciences.

With the purpose of generating growth and transformation, Biopark consists of an enabling space for innovation. Consequently, it leads to a more connected, sustainable and collaborative future.

A large complex of integration among industries, educational and research institutions in the pursuit of applied business knowledge, generating technical and social development.

The model of harmony and progress, developed at Biopark, shows the involvement of private and public players with an innovative and collaborative vision in order to manage laws and incentives that allow individual and collective evolution through productive maximization.

Over 4 million square meters
Future population estimated at 30 thousand people
Industrial, educational, residential and leisure sectors
  • Technological Innovation

    Promote cooperation between the scientific potential of educational institutions and the demands of the market to generate applied business knowledge. Transform the region into a Technological Center of research and development based on innovation.

  • Industrial Development

    Welcome, encourage and strengthen industrial development, generating new models capable of sustaining the economic rise of the region and concerned people. Stimulate the creation and evolution of startups, companies, industries, educational institutions and research centers through a value chain focused on technological and responsive management.

  • Employment

    Consolidate high-added-value employment opportunities by encouraging people to seek new levels of life, integrating the individual as part of technical, scientific, business and personal development and evolution.

  • Life Quality

    Create a warm environment to live, which provides high quality to work, study, live and have fun. Develop a condominium for the population over 65, which will offer health, leisure and coexistence support.

  • Products

    Develop high quality products and services, leading to a responsible model in wellness management and conscious consumption, adding value through creative technology and efficient processes incorporated into the collaborative system.


Biopark is an ecosystem that aims to attract and welcome innovative ideas, new business and projects that are aligned with its ethical culture and goals. The aim is to offer tools and share experiences for hundreds of companies to develop in a viable way. A propulsive environment of companies, fomenting the economic and social interactions with public and private players, maximizing the innovative potential as a factor of success.


Biopark was developed from over 28-year know-how acquired by its founders in the management of major industries. Knowledge in prevention and guidance that ensures expertise in institutional decisions and access to the resources needed for collaborative progress, involved in a host ecosystem.

Sources of inputs

Biopark is located in a region of high production capacity and raw material industrialization. Providing proven effective management models that generate new business opportunities from start to finish of the production chain, adding value and developing products in a sustainable, healthy and efficient manner.

Business Partnership and Scalability

Business partnership provides a union capable of making companies think collectively and exchange experiences, promoting mutual growth. Biopark allows a series of activities in a joint manner, providing interactions of greater bargaining power and access to major suppliers and customers of the market.


The business history that bases the actions of Biopark allowed the development of a network of relationships and trust with over 70 thousand clients. This model enables integration and connectivity in a collaborative and respectful manner.

Life Quality

The ecosystem proposal is completed with the creation of a welcoming environment to live and that provides a high quality of life. The interaction between people from different areas of knowledge and generations enriches the interaction and makes Biopark an ideal place to work, study, live and have fun.

Financial Services

Experience of fundraising specialists through own subsidies, credit guarantors and financial groups. Encouraging startups, companies and groups in designing projects that offer the necessary conditions to design, develop and manage new business in an efficient and responsible manner.

Education and Research

The installation of Educational and Research facilities, universities and companies is conditioned to a synergistic action and focused on meeting real demands of the market, especially in the area of biosciences, health, technology and sustainability. This movement encourages the spirit of collaboration and entrepreneurship


Public policies are essential to support technological parks in the development of their objectives. In Paraná, Biopark has members in the State Council of Technological Parks (CEPARTEC) and participates actively in the discussions and proposals. At the national level, the Laws of Innovation and Good are highlighted, as well as the National Program of Support to the Incubators of Companies and Technological Parks. Biopark also meets the physical and structural demand with benefits in the acquisition of real estate within the park.

Visibility and credibility

People and companies connected to Biopark will be linked to the organic ecosystem, where they act in a collaborative way for evolution and maximization of the results, operating together with the ethical principles that guide the commercial and social actions.

Level of Excellence

The pursuit of excellence is part of Biopark's set of values. It also guides its relationships with companies, partners, educational and research institutions. High standards of excellence are driving a challenging, competitive, motivating and creative ecosystem.

+55 45 2036 3612

Rodovia estadual, PR182
conexão com a BR163.
Toledo / Paraná / Brasil

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Biopark brings commercial industrial sectors and homes together in a synergistic ecosystem of evolution, quality and well-being. With the proposal to offer the total experience of human incorporation to scientific and technological development, it operates in an exponential way, following the master plan of integrated management. Located in the Municipality of Toledo, in the Western Region of Paraná, it has the local characteristics of a thriving population and a prominent territory in industrial and agricultural production, culture and education.

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