The Development Agency (ADBIO)

Why move here?

The interest in the installation of companies in the Biopark is due to the synergy created in a high technology environment, favorable to the culture of innovation, allied to a state-of-the-art infrastructure, facilitating the creation and growth of companies. Biopark will promote the socioeconomic development and competitiveness of the region through the training of skilled labor, by giving incentives to research, and through promotion of new technologies.

Location Location

Located at the triple border, with a high socio-cultural level, a labor tradition, strong agricultural development and with access to specialized labor.

Know How

This has been developed from more than 20 years of experience in Research and Development Management, Regulatory Affairs, Products and Markets, Personnel Development, Industrial Production and Entrepreneurship.


It is supported by the governments of the Municipality of Toledo and the State of Paraná.


There is access to lines of funding.

Sources of Input Materials

There is the opportunity to develop products for Agribusiness or the use of raw materials of agricultural origin.

Teaching and Research

There are various institutions of Teaching and Research focused on life sciences.