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Know Biopark | English Version


To generate 30,000 high-value, knowledge-focused jobs, attracting young people who want to change their social status.

Technological Innovation

Transforming the region into a research, development and innovation hub for bioscience products, especially biotechnology, anchored in universities and research centers of a high standard.

Industrial Development

To participate in the industrial development of the region by encouraging the creation of startups or by attracting consolidated industries from other regions or countries.


To develop and produce health care products of high quality and low cost, focused on the less privileged economic classes.

Why move here?

The interest in the installation of companies in the Biopark is due to the synergy created in a high technology environment, favorable to the culture of innovation, allied to a state-of-the-art infrastructure, facilitating the creation and growth of companies. Biopark will promote the socioeconomic development and competitiveness of the region through the training of skilled labor, by giving incentives to research, and through promotion of new technologies.

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