Biopark: The Fruits of Entrepreneurship

Creating conditions for people to improve their socioeconomic status. From this objective, the entrepreneur Luiz Donaduzzi transformed a small homemade production of simple medicines into one of the largest pharmaceutical industries in Brazil.

With a keen vision for business and a great interest in the development of people, he and his wife Carmen started their entrepreneurial career in the 1990s. Both graduated in Pharmacy and with their Masters and Doctorates completed in France, they returned to Brazil in search of an opportunity in the Research field, in the area of Biosciences.

They encountered the country in a time of economic difficulty, and plans to follow this area began gradually to fall apart. This was until in the city of Recife (PE), the couple decided to start the project of what would become in the future the Pharmaceuticals and later the Prati-Donaduzzi Pharmaceutical Industry.

Despite the limited resources they did not give up on their dream and then destiny gave its contribution. On a visit to his relatives in Santa Helena, western Paraná, Luiz learned of a state program called Bom Emprego (The Good Job Program) - which offered special conditions for businessmen. His brother, Arno Donaduzzi, and his brother-in-law, Celso Prati, accepted the proposal to become partners,

and together they spared no effort in seeing support in the region's municipalities to set up the industry. Carmen joined them soon after, returning from Pernambuco with their sons Victor and Sara.

It was in 1993, in the city of Toledo, when the first shed was built and the first employees hired, that a new phase began. Nothing was easy or simple, the challenges increased every day and learning came through the difficulties faced. Their vocations led Carmen to the Research and Development area and to the classroom, Celso to the financial activities, Arno to the construction and maintenance of machinery, and Luiz to the general direction of the company.

The Generic Medicines Act of 1999 opened up new opportunities. The willingness to identify these doors that were opening and the financial planning for the company's growth made Prati-Donaduzzi take its first steps towards this market.

Today, the company produces the most widely consumed generic drug in Brazil and is the largest supplier of medicines to the Government. Its productive capacity reaches more than 12 billion therapeutic doses per year. In addition, Prati-Donaduzzi has modern Research, Development and Innovation laboratories and its own logistics system. The Prati-Donaduzzi Group is also composed of the packaging industry Centralpack and the Center for Biopharmaceutical Studies - Biocinese.

The advances achieved were only possible through a conversion of important factors: the development of people, investment in technology, rigor with quality standards and incentives for innovation.

Seeing people united to teach and to learn has been something common since the beginning of Prati-Donaduzzi. The new collaborators were received, in the beginning, by the founders themselves, who accompanied the learning of all of them. The network for dissemination of knowledge kept growing and taking root in the culture of the company.

The concern of Luiz and Carmen Donaduzzi with people has never been limited to just generating jobs. The focus of Prati-Donaduzzi has always been to enable improvements in the quality of life and the socioeconomic conditions of each person who enters the company. And it was with a vision to encourage innovation, education and the emergence of new businesses which created Biopark - the Science and Technology Park of Biosciences.

1 IMS Health + Prati MAT 05/2016